Zeal Optics

Zeal Optics endeavour to create sunglasses of the highest quality for those who live for outdoor adventure while being ethically sustainable guided by beliefs of: Use Less, Give Back, Explore More.

The collection of sustainable eyewear includes everything from comfortable wrap around shapes ready to take on any activity to fashionable styles for women that can be worn for sport or leisure. What's most impressive about Zeal Optics eyewear is the technology behind each pair of sunglasses through Zeal's signature Ellume Polarised Lenses and Z-Resin plant-based frame material.

Zeal has excelled in creating stylish eyewear that loves the planet back through plant-based materials that offer clear and crisp visual clarity with comfortable, durable frames. 

The company quickly established itself as a sports performance brand, acclaimed for creating smaller framed sports eyewear for women. They have since created a huge range of styles to fit all different face shapes and sizes including award-winning snow googles.

Explore more with Zeal Optics. 

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